Managed Accounts

Discretionary Managed Accounts

Service Plan

Let your assets be managed professionally.

Don’t have the time or lack the experience for investment amid the fast changing and complex investment landscape?
Commission our team to take care of your investments professionally.

Phillip Fund Managers will first evaluate your needs, risk tolerance, time horizon and expectations of returns and then determine a suitable investment strategy to achieve your investment objectives. We monitor the financial market and economic trends for you so that your assets are always invested according to the strategy that suits you best.

Choice of portfolio management mandates

Equity portfolios or Unit Trust portfolios

Special mandates for customized portfolios above HKD 10 million


Account Opening Fee Free
Management Fee* 1.5% Per Year
Commission 0.25% Per Transaction(Minimum HK$100)
Performance Fee 13% of Absolute Profit
Contract Period 1 Year
Withdrawal Fee 2% of the net asset value less any performance / management fee
PS: Management Fee will be paid pro rata for the first quarter on the date on which the Investment Assets are deposited with the Investment Manager, and on the first day of each subsequent quarter. (Management Fee = % of management fee x Net Asset Value of the last day in pervious quarter)
*Management fee will be charged on quarterly basis (Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct) Remark: The above service is provided by Phillip Capital Management (HK) Ltd. Phillip Capital Management (HK) Ltd is a licensed corporation under Securities and Futures Commission.

Strong Backup

The Phillip Research Team provides fund managers strong support in their decision-making. The Team continuously reviews the market, conducts extensive investment analyses, visit listed companies with growth potential and meet their management in order to have a full understanding of their business operation and management philosophy before making any investment decisions.


Financial integrity is very important to Phillip. The securities bought or deposited by you will not be pledged under any third party, including banks and financial companies. In addition, we do not make unnecessary investments and high-risk investments. Your interest is our very first consideration.

Also, our Investment Management Committee will monitor all the trading activities and the portfolio’s performance, with the aim to eliminate any unnecessary trading activities and risks.

High Degree of

You will be well informed of your portfolio status by receiving daily & monthly statements with detailed transaction records. Investment decisions are made transparent and comprehensible to you.