Phillip HK Newly Listed
Equities Index ETF

Stock Code 2835

Investment Objective

The ETF aims to fully replicate the Solactive Hong Kong Newly Listed Equities Index, a rules-based equity benchmark designed to track the performance of securities that had a recent initial public offering (“IPO”) or new listing on the main board of the SEHK.

Why Invest in the ETF?

Buy into the boom

Hong Kong is one of the largest IPO markets in the world. Invest in the ETF to access the largest newly listed equities, all at once.

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SEHK Listing Date21st Nov 2022
Fiscal YearEnding 31st Dec
Management Fee0.6%
Ongoing Charges Over a Year#1.7663%
Distribution PolicyNo distribution intended to be made
No. of Securities50
Total Net Asset Value93,735,096.64
Outstanding Units8,300,000
#The ongoing charges figures is based on ongoing expenses chargeable to the Sub-Fund for the year ended 31 December 2023 expressed as a percentage of the average net asset value of the Sub-Fund. This figure may vary from year to year.
Underlying IndexSolactive Hong Kong Newly Listed Equities Index NTR
Index ProviderSolactive AG
Index TypeNet Total Return
Bloomberg TickerSOHKNLEN Index
Exchange Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Code 2835
Trading Board Lot 100 Shares
Trading Currency HKD
ISIN  HK0000893468
Bloomberg Ticker  2835 HK
Outstanding Units 8,300,000

Phillip Securities (HK) Limited


Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited


GF Securities (Hong Kong) Brokerage Limited

Phillip Securities (HK) Limited

Phillip Securities (HK) Limited

Min Amount: HKD 1,000

Monex Boom Securities (H.K.) Limited

Min Amount: HKD 1,000

Chief Securities Limited

Min Amount: HKD 100

(*The information is for reference only. For any details and the latest change, please refer to the respective parties website.)
Tracking Difference (TD)Tracking difference is the return difference between an ETF and its underlying benchmark/ index over a certain period of time.
Tracking Error (TE)Tracking error measures how consistently an ETF follows its benchmark/ index. It is the volatility (measured by standard deviation) of that return difference.
Tracking Difference
As of 31 May,2024
Fund Listing Date: 21 Nov,2022
Rolling 1-Year TD: -1.53%
Tracking Error
As of 31 May,2024
Fund Listing Date: 21 Nov,2022
Rolling 1-Year TE: 0.27%


Graph for Tracking Difference

*ETF’s performance is calculated on an NAV to NAV basis and assumes reinvestment of distributions.


Total Net Asset Value (HKD)
Securities (%)8
Cash (%)8
93,735,096.64 99.42 0.58
As of 6 Dec,2022

Top 10 Holdings

Securities Name
Exchange Ticker Exchange Sector Shares Held Currency Market Price (HKD) Market Value (HKD) % of NAV

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As of 6 Dec,2022

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Intra-day Market Price*







#” Intra-day Estimated NAV per Unit” calculations is provided by ICE Data Indices and updated at 15-second intervals during HKEX Exchange trading hours. This is indicative and for reference purposes only.

*at least 15 minutes delay

Data Source: ICE Data Indices Hong Kong Time: 03:15 PM

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Official NAV per Unit

Closing Price per Unit











Indicative Net Asset Value of the Sub-Funds



Key Fact Sheet Statement

Monthly Return

Interim Report

Annual Report

Monthly Factsheet

  • Phillip HK Newly Listed Equities Index ETF (“The Sub-Fund”) is an exchange-traded fund designed to provide investment results that closely correspond to the performance of Solactive Hong Kong Newly Listed Equities Index (“Index”) but its return may deviate from that of the Index.

  • Investment involves risk, including General Investment Risk, New Index Risk, Equity Market Risk, Newly Listed Securities Risk, Concentration Risk, Emerging Market Risk, Market Capitalization Risk, Passive Investment Risk, Trading Risk, Tracking Error Risk, Termination Risk and Market Maker Risk . Investors may lose part or all of their investments.

  • Due to fees and expenses of the Sub-Fund, liquidity of the market and tracking strategy adopted by the Manager, the Sub-Fund’s return may deviate from that of the Index.

  • The trading price of the Sub-Fund may differ from the underlying net asset value (“NAV”) per unit.

  • The Sub-Fund may not be suitable for all investors. Investors should not invest based on this website only. Investors should read the Sub-Fund’s Prospectus including all risk factors, consider the product features, their own investment objectives, risk tolerance level and other factors, and seek independent financial and professional advice as appropriate prior to making any investment.