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Phillip Capital Management
(HK) Limited

Launch Date

3rd July 2017


BNP Paribas Trust Services
(Hong Kong) Limited


BNP Paribas Trust Services
(Hong Kong) Limited

Legal Counsel

Simmons & Simmons




Daily on each Hong Kong business day (not including Saturday)

Dividend Policy

Dividend reinvested

Base Currency



Subscription Fee


Redemption Fee


Switching Fee


Management Fee

Up to 0.5 % p.a.*

Performance Fee



Up to 0.50% as a safe keeping fee and Up to USD133 per transaction as a transaction fee***


0.03% p.a. (inclusive of fees payable of the Registrar and Transfer Agent)*

Fund Accounting

0.025% p.a.

*Current rate of such fees may be increased, up to a specified permitted maximum as disclosed in the explanatory memorandum, by giving affected unitholders at least one month's prior notice.

**Subject to a minimum annual fee of USD35,000 in aggregate for the trustee fee and fund accounting fee.

***The custodian shall charge the Sub-Fund safekeeping fees and transaction fees at different rates depending on the markets where assets of the Sub-Fund are held.

What is Money Market Fund?

Phillip HKD Money Market Fund (“Fund”) is a HKD denominated fund which aims to provide a vehicle for holding money market instruments and short-term debt securities. Investment in the Fund is not the same as placing funds on deposit with a bank or deposit-taking institution. The manager has no obligation to redeem units at the issue price and the Fund is not subject to the supervision of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Investment Objective

The Phillip HKD Money Market Fund seeks to preserve principal value and to maintain a high degree of liquidity while generating a higher rate of return as compared to personal deposits of HKD by investing primarily in HKD-denominated money market instruments, short-term debt securities and short-term deposits. For details, please refer to the relevant Prospectus under Related Documents

Invesment alocation

Type Of Instruments

Percentage limits

(of the fund's Net Asset Value)


HKD-denominated money market instruments and short-term debt securities issued by governments, quasi-government organisations, supra-national organisations, multinational organisations, financial institutions and other corporations; and

70% (minimum) -
100% (maximum)


HKD-denominated short-term deposits


non-HKD-denominated short-term bonds, commercial paper, certificates of deposits, commercial bills and Government and other public securities; and

Up to 30%


non-HKD-denominated short-term deposits

The investment allocation is subject to further conditions. For details, please refer to the relevant Explanatory Memorandum under Related Documents.

Investment involves risks. Please refer to the Risk Disclosures Statement on our website, for HKD Money Market Fund and General Risk.

This webpage and the advertisements contained herein are issued by Phillip Capital Management (HK) Limited and have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission.


Unit Class

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Class B





Total Fund Size


Historical Price


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Class B Nav (HKD)​



























Notice To Investors
Change of Investment Point and Class Name


Notice To Investors
Adjust of Management Fee of Class A Units


Notice To Investors
Change of trustee, registrar and transfer agent, global custodian and fund accountant of the Trust and the Sub-Fund


Notice To Investors
Reinstate of Management Fee of Class A Units


Notice To Investors
Reduction of Management Fee of Class A Units


Notice To Investors
Amendment of the Weekly Liquid Asset in the Annual Financial Statement dated 31 December 2020


Notice To Investors
Change of trustee of the Trust and the Sub-Fund


Notice To Investors
Reduction of Management Fee of Class A Units


Notice To Investors
Changes Made to the Unaudited Semi-annual Financial Statement of the Phillip HKD Money Market Fund


Notice To Investors
Phillip HKD Money Market Fund (the “Fund”)


Update to offering documents of the Fund (Explanatory Memorandum and Product Key Facts Statement) and Trust Deed to comply with the revised Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Fund


Explanatory Memorandum

Key Facts Statement

Monthly Fund Factsheet

Financial Report - Annual Report

Financial Report - Interim Report

Notes and Risk Disclosure

A) Important Notes

Investment in Phillip HKD Money Market Fund (“Fund”) is not the same as placing funds on deposit with a bank or deposit-taking institution. The Manager has no obligation to redeem units at the offer value and the Fund is not subject to the supervision of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
The Fund available in this website is subject to the applicable terms and conditions set out in its offering document(s) which may include, without limitation, term sheet, fund prospectus, fact sheets, marketing materials and all other relevant documents and materials. Client should carefully read all of the relevant Fund’s offering documents including risk factors before deciding whether to invest in it. Any offer or application to subscribe for any Fund via Phillip Capital Management (HK) Limited (the“Company“) shall be subject to acceptance by the Company in its sole discretion and to the terms and conditions of the Company governing its investment fund services (as each of them may be amended by the Company from time to time).Client should undertake their own research and study before they trade or invest. Client should carefully consider whether trading or investment are suitable in light of their own financial position and investment objectives.
Prior to investing in Fund, Client should carefully consider (a) the possible tax consequences, (b) the legal requirements and (c) any foreign exchange control requirements which Client might encounter under the laws of the countries of their incorporation, citizenship, residence or domicile which might be relevant to the purchase, sale, subscription, holding, conversion or disposal of the shares or units in Investment Fund.
The information contained in this website is for general information only on an “as is” basis without our warranty of any kind and may be changed at any time without prior notice.
No information contained in this website should be regarded as an offer to sell, to subscribe, or advice or recommendation. Client should consult independent professional adviser before making any investment, financial decision or purchasing Fund.
Client should be aware that any information regarding prices of Fund presented in this website is on a delayed basis. All prices are dependent upon market conditions and the terms are liable to change and completion in the final documentation. Unit or share price of Fund presented in this section are indicative only and does not represent the actual subscription price or the redemption price. All prices are subject to final confirmation by the Company.
Fund described in this website are not available to all persons in all geographic locations. Only persons who are permitted by applicable law may browse the information and / or accept the services and products described in this website. Persons accessing these pages are required to ensure that they are aware of and observe all relevant restrictions that apply to them and are responsible for satisfying themselves that they may do so under the laws or the jurisdiction from which access is obtained to this section.
By using this section of the website, each user agrees to be bound by the contents of this disclaimer, as it may be amended by the Company from time to time and posted onto this section.

B) Risk Disclosure Statement

Investment in Fund involves significant risks. It is impossible to describe every risk associated with such an investment that is relevant to Client. Before making your investment decision, Client should carefully read the offering documents of the relevant Fund including, in particular, the sections about risks and ensure you fully understand the nature and all the risks associated with an investment in the Fund and are willing to assume such risks.
Although investment may bring profit opportunities, each investment product or service involves potential risks. Due to dynamic changes in the market, the price movement and volatility of investment products may not be the same as expected by Client. Client’s fund may increase or reduce due to the purchase or sale of investment products. The value of Fund may go up as well as down and the Fund may become valueless. Therefore, Client may not receive any return from Fund.
Investment involves risks. The Fund is subject to investment risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, sovereign debt risks, liquidity risk, concentration risk, valuation risk, credit rating risk and currency risk, etc. Investors may be subject to losses. There is no guarantee in respect of repayment of principal. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Part of Client’s investment may not be able to liquidate immediately under critical/fluctuate market situation. The investment decision is made by Client but Client should not invest in these products unless the intermediary who sells them to Client has explained to Client that these products are suitable for Client having regard to their financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives. Before making any investment decisions, Client should consider their own financial situation, investment objectives and experiences, risk acceptance and ability to understand the nature and risks of the relevant product.